Mixing and Mastering for Composers

Do you feel like mixing and other technicalities are getting in the way of focusing on writing great music? I can help you with that.

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If you want to try my services, I can make you a test track, max duration 30 secs, delivered in mp3 128 with watermark, it won't be a presentable job, just a test to know the quality of my work.


was $200

$117 per track/song
  • 3 minutes max
  • Up to 3 revisions
  • Up to 60 individual tracks
  • Stems exporting for track delivery
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Big Project

was $800

$398 per project
  • Up to 20 minutes of music
  • Up to 75 individual tracks
  • Includes track Mastering if needed
  • Up to 3 mix revisions
  • Stem Exporting for your Track delivery
  • Ideal for composers facing a big project like a video game soundtrack or motion picture.
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was $60

$29 per Track/song
  • 16 Stem or Stereo mastering wit hardware summing
  • Up to 3 stems exporting without additional cost
  • Up to 3 revisons, 20$+ for stems if needed
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Money-back Guarantee: If the mix/mastering job doesn't meet your standards, you can ask me for a remix/remaster(from scratch), specifying what you want from the track, or I will just give your money back. If you want to change something from the mix, anything you might want to change, I generally ask the client and give three revisions, each of them saved so we can go back if needed.